Eagle Miniatures

1976, 54mm, metal, Paul Shingley

East Point Miniatures ( USA mide 90ies )

Eder Erich

A german collector, 1935 - 19 .., seems to have produced at least 1 piece in kit

EKO ( see Almirall )

El Soldado de Plomo

Spain, Madrid, end 80ies


See catalogue HERE / ICI

Elite 75  ( see Draper )

Elite Collection ( The )

1990 sculptor Pitmann-Hooker, 310mm, metal

Elite Miniaturas

See now FeR

This is not Elite Miniatures, still existing 28 and 54mm HERE


Late 90ies, Italy . Not to be confused with E.M.I. Ltd London 1950, toy soldiers . Some reissued at La Fortezza

The link seems pirated by a Japanese company http ://www.lafortezzamilano.com/

Catalogue  Here

Emperor Design Studio ( 90ies big scale : 1/2 )

Empire Figurines

Early 90ies, 90mm, metal, designed by Andy Stadden


Sculpteur : Major Robert O. Rowe, travaille chez Tradition, puis sculpte pour The Barefoot Soldier et commence une série de pièces rachetées plus tard par Cavalier . C'est en 1974 qu'il ouvre sa propre société sous le nom de Ensign, 54mm et 100mm

Sculptor : Major Robert O. Rowe, work first for Tradition then sculpt some pieces for The Barefoot Soldier en begin also a range bought later by Cavalier . In 1974 he open his own businees under the name Ensign, 54mm and 100mm

Epica   ( 54mm, metal, kit )

Errington Miniatures

Normann Errington, 1979, 90mm, metal . Produced first by Greenwood & Ball then Slater’s


Plastic model kits, Hearne designed 1/9 figurines for them ( see Hearne )


Excalibur Miniatures

USA 1976 reissuing Cockade Miniatures ( 1960 ) painted figurines

Nothing to do with Excalibur Models site create in 2014, gone in 2016, never seen any product .