See Greenwood & Ball  1974 appeared the Falcon range, 54mm,metal

Fahrenheit Miniatures Project

Fianna Miniatures

Mid 90ies, bust, metal, Alex Williams

Fidelity Figures

Mid 90ies, M Lunn, 54mm, 90mm, metal

Figurini di Plomo (?)

Fine Art Casting

Early 80ies, first production was 25mm Dr Who range

Fine Limited Sculpture

1982, 270mm, handpainted, ltd 1000 pieces, see sculpture A. Miller, 3rd Hussard Cpt. 1809

Fire Force Products

early 90ies, England


some 54mm fantasy in 1978

Firing Line ( see David J. Parkins )



France, the big mystery, France Metalizing, France Miniature, Fonderie Miniature, France Metal, Figurine Metal then MM 90mm 54mm  80mm flat, plastic 90mm !!!  90ies

France, le grand mystère, France Metalizing, France Miniatures, Fonderie Miniature, France Metal, Figurine Metal puis MM , 90mm, 54, 80mm flat, plastique 90mm !!! Dans les années 90


Forja Miniaturas


Fort Duquesne Military Miniatures

Taken over by John's Models in 2003    Now on Facebook

John’s opened on Halloween in 1996 and has continued to grow ever since. It doubled its size in 2000 and added a meeting room for the groups in 2001. In 2003, John’s acquired Ft. Duquesne Military Miniatures and is now a manufacturer of quality figure and model conversion kits. While many of the pieces have been brought back out, the remainder will be coming over the next months.

Fort Duquesne Catalogue

Fort Royal Review

End 80ies, sold to Dreamcatcher ( Belgo Models ) and later to TLB

Fortdaddaé Design

England, early 90ies

France Figurines

1978, 1/20, the first piece, the hussard on horse existed in 144 dif. reference and 4 dif. horses .Revolution, Consulat, early empire, late empire, trumpet, standard bearer, officer etc ....

Freehold Figures

70ies, USA

Friedel Antoon

Proposed painted and unpainted figurines based on Karl May Winnetou books early 70ies the size and the look of Elastolin ( 70mm )


Italy, early 90ies

Frontline Miniatures

Early 90ies, kit, metal, England . Not Frontline Figures ( makers of toy soldiers )

Funcken Liliane and Fred

see Duopole for thei activity in figurines

see LIst of their books about Uniforms here

About their Comics Strip :

The Belgian artist couple Fred and Liliane Funcken are best known for creating various historical comics for the magazine Tintin in the 1950s and 1960s. While most were one-shot stories, they've also created actual series like 'Le Chevalier Blanc' (1953-1973), 'Harald le Viking' (1956-1967), 'Jack Diamond' (1959-1960), 'Lieutenant Burton' (1962-1967), 'Capitan' (1963-1971) and 'Doc Silver' (1967-1969). Their work is characterized by a realistic, precise style which gives their comics a classic touch. Both Fred as well as Liliane collaborated on stories and artwork to the point that their work is indistinguishable from one another.


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Fusilier ( The )

The Fusilier, early 90ies, nothing to do with Fusilier Miniatures ( Toy Soldiers )