Under 2 Flags

The Mythic shop in London more than 50 years of activities, killed by the Internet . They comissioned some makers like Phoenix, Barton,and some Toys Soldiers makers

It was always a pleasure to visit him .

For the " Toy Soldiers " parts, moulds and copyright are now owned by Mr Maxime Jouhan Chevallier (2023)

Universal Soldiers  ( England, early 80ies )

Val-Saint-Cyr ( France, early 90ies )

Valiant Miniatures

70ies Will also be distributed in Europe via Hinchliffe in the 80ies


USA, 1972, entire range will be bought later by Cavalier, designed by Bob Rowe

Verbiest Productions   ( England, early 90ies )

Viriatus  ( ended in ... )

Vulcan   ( mid 90ies, 120mm, resin and metal