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But : Le plaisir de partager une passion pour la Figurine et retrouver des modèles déjà anciens et qui n'ont pourtant rien perdus de leurs attraits .

De la Figurine civile,  militaire ou encore fantastique .

Sans oublier les maquettes .

La majorité de ces figurines sont peintes au début avec les peintures pour maquettes Humbrol , plus tard avec les huiles Winsor & Newton . ( J'ai commencé en 1972/73 )


Why this ? The pleasure of sharing a passion for Figurines and finding some older models that ,nowadays, haven't lost a certain power of attraction .

Throuh civilian , military and fantasy , without forgeting vehicles modeling . The vast majority were painted at the begining with Humbrol and then with Winsor & Newton oils . ( I began in 1972/73 )



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Chevaliers de l'Enfance


Par un passionné, tout sur les " Soldats Jouets "  site dédié à la chevalerie, toutes les marques, anciennes et modernes, toutes les matières



The Daniel Borris and Donald Featherstone Collection

Collectionneurs de " Toys Soldiers " qui vous font partager leurs collections en vidéo

Collectors of Toy soldiers presenting their " Toys " in video



I’m a father and a grandfather and I very much love my family. Born in Scotland, my early life experience was tough, and just like back in the time of the highland clearances I immigrated to Canada where the streets are paved with gold.

I’ve been blessed with health, wealth and happiness, becoming a successful executive and consultant. I live a comfortable life in the Niagara Region. I have written two business books, “The Success Or Die Ultimatum” and “The Grow Or Die Ultimatum” both published by “Taylor Francis” the New York publishing house.
I specialize in identifying and optimizing under-performing assets and am still available.

I am a lifelong collector of model toy soldiers and works of art and literature.



Dimensions / Sizes

Les dimensions ( hauteurs)  des figurines sont usuellement données en mm . La mesure se fait de la plante des pieds , juqu'aux yeux .Le 54mm est la taille la plus standard qui prévaudra au lendemain de la seconde Guerre Mondiale .Pour les amateurs de " Jeux de Guerre " ( Wargame ) le 25mm est la référence .Au fil des ans apparaitront d'autres tailles permettant de renforcer les détails :75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 120mm etc ..Pour les amateurs de Wargame , nous trouverons aussi le 20mm et le 15mm qui permettentde constituer des armées importantes à moindre frais .

 The size ( heigth ) of figures is usualy given in mm . Measured from the foot sole to the eyes level . 54mm is the size that will prevail at the end of WWII . For Wargamers, 25mm is the most asked .During the years we will see other sizes making their appearence, bigger and allowing more details : 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 120mm etc...For wargames we will have 20mm, 15mm etc allowing to make large armies at a lower cost ..

illustré avec / illustrated with :   Tradition of London

25, 30, 54, 80, 90, 120mm



Others dedicated to Nostalgia / Autres sites dédiés aux nostalgiques Click on picture for link

A specialist in wargame figures who likes to share 

Well, now I've caught your attention......this is a blog about gaming miniatures, both old and new school but with a leaning towards old school. I've been in the hobby since the 70s and seem to show no sign of stopping in the foreseeable future.....

Vintage Lead Toys and Model Soldiers


Site espagnol, tout est dans le titre

Spanish site, all is in the tiltle

America del Sur y Mexico


site d'Amérique du Sud ( couvre aussi le Mexique )

South American site, covering also Mexico

The Historical Miniatures of Lou Masses


Une mention particulière pour la couverture de la production de Chota Sahib

Special comment on his covering of Chota Sahib range




 completely reworked and reopened May 2016

Nederlandse Stichting voor Modelfiguren


Site Hollandais spécialisé

Specialised Nethherlands' site

Javier Bravo


une galerie de photos de pièces des années 50 - 60

pictures galery of figures of the years 50 - 60

No Nostalgia, but a fabulous collection of present day Toy Soldiers

 Zachary Lang