Dungeons & Dragons First edition

a box of 230 x 150 x 40 mm containig 3 booklets and a leaflet

First edition 1974

The peoples from Games Workshop, you know; the small 10m² shop in London, came to one of our first Belgian Wargame Con and presented us this brand new role-playing game in 1974 . I bougbht the only one box they had with them and after that at every other Con in Belgium, I opened a table dedicated to playing  D&D with great success ..

The 3 booklets have been rereleased in 2012 with Hard Cover but same content .

see : Wizard of the Coast


une boîte de 230 x 150 x 40 mm contenat 3 brochures et un dépliant

Les proprios de Games Workshop, ce petit magasin de 10m² à Londres, sont venus a une convention de Wargame en Belgique . Ils apportaient avec eux une idée nouvelle; le jeux de rôle, en 1974 . J'ai acheté la boîte unique, qu'ils avaient apportée, et au cours des conventions suivantes en Belgique, j'ai ouvert une table de Donjons et Dragons avec un succés certain . 


Contained :  Contenu

Vol 1 Men and Magics 33 pages

Vol 2 Monsters and Treasures 40 pages

Underworld and Wilderness Adventures 36 pages


Today there is new publication , add-on etc almost every day for D&D

At that time we had to wait 2 more years before seeing 4 new booklets of circa 60 pages each

And then 1 years later, again, came the UNAVOIDABLE

" The Arduin Grimoire" by David Hargrave  circa 90 pages each

who introduced far more complex set of rules

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