Military Miniatures

P. Blum

Photographs by P. Stearns

Paul Hamlin Ltd - London 1964

Small Booklet 16.5 x 10.5 mm, 44 pages, 60 colors photographs

some extracts here :

Figurines et Soldat de plomb

Marcel Baldet, Editions d'Art Gonthier, Paris 1961

128 pages, état de la figurine avant 1960, nombreuses photos noir et blanc, quelques couleurs

Figurines de Lelièpvre, Berdou, Imrie, Mme Metayer, Stadden etc ...

Voir ci-dessous quelques extraits

Figurines Publicitaires

Jean Claude Pifret

Histoire & Collection, Paris, 1997

Livre de 276 pages abondamment illustrés de centaines de photos couleurs, retraçant l'histoire de la figurine publicitaire, entre autres : Mokarex, Storme, Mokalux, Total, Legal, B.P., Shell etc..

Plus d'info sur le site :

quelques extraits ci-dessous


Walter Onken

Mosaik Verlach GmbH, München, 1976

144 pages dont 76 de photos noir et blanc, quelques pages couleurs

Chaque page de texte contient des dessins de figurines

Inclus : Photos sur la préparation et le moulage

Quelques extraits de pages ci-dessous

Katalog Werner Sholtz

catalogue Berliner Zinnfiguren, Berlin 1995


format A5 

catalogue de 216 pages avec de nombreuses illustrations, photos noir et blanc, photos couleurs

Ces pièces sont disponibles chez Berliner Zinnfiguren

Ci-dessous quelques extraits


Toy Soldiers

The New compact study guide and identifier

Norman Joplin

80 pages nombreuses illustrations couleurs

ceci dit, celà ne vous aide pas à "identifier" grand chose

qulques extraits ci-dessous

The World Encycopedia of Model Soldiers

John G. Garratt

Frederixk Muller Ltd 1981  Cpyright 1981 John Garrat

200 pages in English, may photos both colours and Black & White

Extensive Alphabetical list of all what's existing in 1981


Collecting Toy Soldiers

Jean Nicollier

Copyright 1967 Office du Livre S.A. Fribourg Switzerland


284 pages

32 colournillustrations

210 Black and white

Soldatini D'Autore

Maurizio Boverio

BE-MA Editrice - Milano  1989

small size 13,50 x 16,50 mm, 140 pages, 125 color photographs


Model Soldiers in Colour

Roy Dilley

Octopus Books Ltd - London 1981

65 pages, circa 65 photographs in colour

somme extracts :

La Folie des Petits Soldats

Dominique Pascal

Flammarion - Paris 2001

size 14,00 x 14,00 mm, 380 pages, circa 350 color photographs

about Toy Soldiers


Weltgeschichte in Zinn

Heinrich Pleticha

Verlagsgruppe Bertelsmann GmbH -  Berlin 1976

size 30,00 x 22,00 mm , 190 pages, circa 200 photographs in colours


Thejls Bogtyk, Copenhage 1966


72 pages, many ittustrations, both color and black and white

Paper Soldiers

An Illustrated History of Printed Paper Armies of the 18tth, 19th & 20th centuries

Edward Ryan

Golden Age Edition 1995


Limited Edition of 2000 N° 1870

528 pages -  3.300Kg - 580 colours - 130 B&W - 500 makers - 24 countries

The definitive book about the subject



Handbook for Model Soldier Collectors

Donald Featherstone

Kaye & Ward, London 1969


155 pages, poor in illustration

Making & Collecting Military Miniatures

Bob Bard

Robert M. Mc Bride Co. 1957


195 pages, collecting, painting, converting, molding.. as in 1957

few black & white illustrations

The Art of The Model Soldier

Military Modelling

Graham Dixey

Argus Book 1988


190 pages, lot of illustrations

tools, assembling, painting ; faces, horse, figures, flat, highlanders, converting, scratchbuilding, displaying, diorams, boxed, photographing

Still full of info even now in 2013

Model Soldiers

W. Y. Carman

Charles Letts and Co; Ltd  1972


80 pages all illustrated in colors

a bit of everything, cock and bull

Modelling Miniatures Figures

Bruce Quarrie

Patrick Stephens Ltd 1975


152 pages, a very interesting book

sub section written by : R G. Gibson Roy Dilley, Bill Hearnes, Sid Horton, G Gibson, Cesare Milanin.. etc...

plastic, acetate, large scale, wargame, 30mm, 54mm metal, Old Britain, horse anatomy, dioramas, scenic, casting, carving, suppliers

The Model Soldier Manual

Peter J. Blum

Tricorn Press 1970


clearly Imrie/Risley orientaded

very good explanation about assmbling, convertinng, painting, shading, color chart, highlanders, dioram building, displaying, 

only 39 page illustrated with drawing, worth to search in the backroom of bookshops

Model Soldiers

Henry Harris

Octopus Books Ltd 1972


95 pages, 138 illustration both B&W and colors

superb and clear pictures

Model Soldiers

Henry Harris

Weindefeld and Nicolson 1962


128 pages, illustrated both B&W and colors

lokk for the above publication 1972; better paper, 90% same pictures

The Model Soldier Guide

Clyde A. Risley and William F. Imrie

Imrie/Risley Miniatures 1965


67 pages, more details then the above Blum Books + photographs and some uniform drawing

Colour Treasury of Models Soldiers

Massimo Alberini

Orbis Punlishing Ltd London 1972


64, pages , 110 pictures in colours, includ some beautifull work of J Desfontaines

Heraldic Miniatures Knight

Peter Greenhill

Guild of Master Craftsman Publication Ltd 1991



Courtenay 1892-1963

Mounted Courtenay

F. Ping & P. Greenhill

Roy Selwin Smith


175 pages, all pages illustrated with colour pictures

Elastolin  Volume II

Cynthia Gaskill 1991


79 pages all with lot of color pictures

Facceta Nera

Soldatini Italiani in Cartapesta 1936-1945

Gianni Maiotti

Editrice Campione 1994


42 pages, lot of models photographed in colours

Collecting Amrerican Made Toy Soldiers

Identification & Value Guide

Richard O'Brien copyright 1977


720 pages, 1000 of pictures, a gem fro colllectors

Model Soldiers

an Illustrated History

J. Garrat

New York Graphic Society 1972


248 pages, overview ot the makers and collector of that time

lot of pictures in B&W, some in colours

Metal Toys and Automata

Constance King

Chatwell Books 1989


128 pages, may colour pictures, a section Toy Soldiers of 14 pages

Military Miniatures

The art of making models soldiers

Simon Goodenough and "Tradition"

Orbis Publishing 1977


128 pages, making up a kit,painting, converting diorama, moulding, casting

lot of explanative drawings, photos in colours 


Model Soldiers

Orbis Book 1972


110 photos, all in colours

Petit Soldats

Le Guide du Collectionneur

Christian Blondiau

Le Képi Rouge Paris 1196


570 pages, propriétaire du magasin Le Képi Rouge

1500 photos, 450 fabricants, une somme

Soldatini Italiani

Produzione in pasta e plastica dal 1930 al 1970

O. Di Mauro& F. Paoletti

Edizione Lazzaro 1994


130 pages, many photos in colours

Timpo Model Toys

The A to Z of Timpo

Michael Maughan


The plastic figures issued between 1960-1979

96 illustrations 38 in colours, 88 pages

Toy Armies

Peter Johnson

B.T. Batsford Ltd 1981


144 pages, written in 1981 but show figures before 1960 for98%

Tradition Model Soldiers

Belmont Maitland Publishers Ltd 1967


36 ages only, but 100th of models in colours, painted

And as the title said : from Tradition

In English/French/German 



Petit 13 x 17 cm mais épais, 320 pages, Chris Mc Nab

Small 13 x 17 cm but fat, 320 pages, Chris Mc Nab

Catalogue / Catalog :

Almark Publications

Building Napoleonic Diorama

Steve Kemp

Almark Publishing  - London  1978

Booklet of 32 pages full of infos, drawings, black and white photographs and 10 colours .

Lot of infos like : doing cobblestone street with lentils, using balza woods, plaster, milliput etc...

It seems a long list of still available books exist : see here PDF file with mail contact ( Aug 2012 )

Some Almark Publications Covers


The English Civil War 1642-1651

An Illustrated Military History

Philip Haythornwaite

Copyright 1983 Blandford Press Ltd.


Editor Resume

Among many popular misconceptions concerning the English Civil War is the belief that it was contested by

long-haired, foppish 'Cavaliers' on the one hand, and crop-headed, sombre-suited Puritan 'Roundheads' on the other, and that it was a simple contest between King and Parliament. Even the title 'English Civil War' is a misnomer, for the conflict which ravaged Britain in the mid-seventeenth century involved three distinct wars during the 1642-51 period, and involved Scotland, Wales and Ireland to a large degree. The English Civil Wars in fact represent the most vital watershed in British history, effectively extinguishing the vestiges of feudalism and originating the concepts of constitutional monarchy and standing army.

This history concentrates upon the military aspects though, because the political and religious considera¬tions of the period interfered with and influenced the military operations, all other aspects of the conflict are explained concisely. In addition to a detailed and chronological account of the campaigning, and insights into the characters of the military and political leaders, the book includes an important section on a subject frequently neglected: on how an army was formed, how its members were recruited (or impressed), how regiments were raised, trained and equipped, how an army was provisioned, marshalled in the field, how its infantry and cavalry were employed, how its artillery was managed, and ultimately how it fought, advanced or retreated. In all these matters, as in the chrono¬logical account of the war which follows, most exten¬sive use has been made of contemporary drill-books, manuals, accounts by military theorists and practical soldiers, eye-witness accounts and memoirs.

In addition to a hundred black-and-white illustrations of contemporary prints, portraits, documents and surviving relics, thirty-two magnificent colour plates by Jeffrey Burn illustrate exactly how the Civil War soldier was attired and equipped, from the armoured 'cuiras¬sier' to the humble pikeman, from the invincible 'Ironsides' to the barefoot levies.

Philip Haythornthwaite, a Lancashire bookseller, is no newcomer to the Blandford list. This is his ninth military title and he is the author also of numerous articles in the militaria press.


A must have , 100 B&W pictures, 30 color plates giving 80 uniforms, special section about flags

 Basic resume of the why and what

Easy to read


Some Blandford Covers

List of Blandford books related to uniforms ( upgraded 13 Aug 2013 )
Feuille de calcul Microsoft Excel 2.6 MB

Editions Charles Hérissey

Splendeurs des Uniformes de Napoléon

La garde Impérial à Cheval

Texte et Illustrations : Charmy

256 pages

24,50  x 35,00cm , 2003    Epuisé / No longer in print

Splendeurs des Uniformes de Napoléon

La Garde Impérial à pied

Texte Charmy

240 pages, 24,50 x 35,00 cm

Splendeurs des Uniformes de Napoléon

Costurmes du Sacre - Armes - Drapeaux - Décoration

Texte Charmy

272 pages, 24,50 x 35,00 cm

Splendeurs des Uniformes de Napoléon

Marine - Gendarmerie - Artillerie - Ecoles

Texte Charmy

288 pages, 24,50 x 35,00 cm


Osprey Men-ar-Arms / Warriors ( upgraded 13 aug 2013 )
Listing all Men-at-arms untill 2013, Warriors, Modelling materials, Modelling Manuals, Air Vanguard, Bettle Orders, Bolt Action ALL with direct links to a résumé
Osprey List.xlsx
Feuille de calcul Microsoft Excel 80.6 KB


Paru aux éditon Casterman dès les années 60, certain se négocient à plus de 500€ sur le net . Première édition format 25,00 x 20,50 cm . Réédition fin des années 80 en plus grand format 29,50 x 26,50 cm .

Published by Casterman from the 60ies onward, some can be found on the net at prices above 500€ . A later edition end of the 80ies in a larger size 29,50 x 26,50 cm .


Le costume et les armes des soldats de tous les temps

Tome 1 : des pharaons à Louis XV

Tome 2 : de Frédéric II à nos jours

L'uniforme et les armes des soldats du premier Empire

Tome 1 : des régiments de ligne français aux troupes britanniques, prussiennes et espagnoles

Tome 2 : de la garde impériale aux troupes alliées, suédoises, autrichiennes et russes

L'Uniforme et les armes des soldats de la guerre 1914-1918

Tome 1 : infanterie-blindés-aviation

Tome 2 : cavalerie-artillerie-génie-marine

L'Uniforme et les Armes des soldats de la guerre 1939-1945

Tome 1 : France, Allemagne, Autriche, U.R.S.S., Tchécoslovaquie, Pologne, Belgique, 1933

1941 Infanterie-Cavalerie-blindés-Aviation

Tome 2 : Grande-Bretagne, Allemagne, France, Italie, Finlande, Norvège, Croatie, Slovaquie Bohème-Moravie, légions russes, 1939-1943. Infanterie - Cavalerie - Blindés - Aviation - Marine

Tome 3 : États-Unis, Japon, Chine - Évolution des grandes armées 1943-1945. France libre, Milice, volontaires en Grande-Bretagne, Pays-Bas, États balkaniques et danubiens. Parachutistes, commandos, artillerie, engins balistiques, sous-marins.

L'uniforme et les armes des soldats de la guerre en dentelle

Tome 1 : France: maison du Roi et infanterie sous Louis XV et Louis XVI, Grande-Bretagne et Prusse: infanterie (1700 à 1800).

Tome 2 : 1700-1800 - France, Grande-Bretagne et Prusse: Cavalerie et artillerie. Autres pays:Infanterie, cavalerie, artillerie

Le Costume, l'armure et les armes au temps de la chevalerie

Tome 1 : du huitième au quinzième siècle

Tome 2 : le siècle de la renaissance

L'Uniforme et les armes des soldats des États-Unis: Les guerres d'indépendance, de sécession, du Mexique, L'épopée du Far west.

Tome 1 : l'infanterie et la marine

Tome 2 : la cavalerie et l'artillerie

L'Uniforme et les armes des soldats du XIXe siècle

Tome 1 : 1814-1850:France, Grande-Bretagne, Allemagne. L'infanterie, la cavalerie, le génie

et l'artillerie.

Tome 2 : 1850-1900:France, Grande-Bretagne, Allemagne, Autriche, Russie. L'infanterie, la

cavalerie, le génie et l'artillerie

Le costume, l'armure et les armes de la chevalerie

Tome 1 : du VIII au XVième siècle

Tome 2 : le siècle de la Renaissance

Les Soldas de la révolution française

VERLINDEN ( some Verlinden covers )

Hector and Achilles ( The Duel )

di Raffaele D'Amato

Soldiers - Legnano

basé sur les recherches archéologiques, littéraires et historiques

Bouclier d'Achille /
According to the Book of Raffaele D'Amato
bouclier achille279.jpg
Image JPG 11.4 MB


L'Art de la Figurine

D Breffort / J.L.  Viau

Histoire et Collections - Paris - 1995

128 pages, full colours, no blablabla but lot of photograps

En Français et en Anglais

qulques extraits ci-dessous

L'Encyclopédie du Modelisme

Tome 6 Les Dioramas

R. H. Cabos

Histoire & Collections  Paris 2006

les autre tomes :


ENCYCLOPEDIE DU MODELISME - Tome 4 : Mise en scène et décors

Grand choix de livres en Français

Big choice of books in French

voir le catalogue / see catalg


Uniformes militaires sous la Iére République et le Ier Empire H Lecomte
Uniformes militaires sous la Ière Républ
Document Adobe Acrobat 283.3 KB


Livres a colorier

Quelquefois, on trouve des perles, comme celui-ci en 1973 par les fameux Imrie & Risley

Coloring books

Sometime, we find small gems, like this one in 1973 by the famous Imrie & Risley

MACDONALD & Co ( Publishers )


MAGAZINES ( some past and present )

Sur les figurines creuses ( hollowcast )