Ray Anderson

Already a Master in transformationn and dioramas in the early 70ies

see : http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/Anderson.htm

My Way by Henry Lion

Published by : he Soldier Centre Boston, Masschusetts  1977

Copyright 1977 by Henri Lion and Valentine Bean


Sheperd Paynes


DEAD LINK 2021 pirated by Chinese

Tips for painting Models : click on Monogram then click on picture

Trucs sur la peinture des modéles : Cliquer sur Monogram, ensuite sur les photos

If you find it, buy it .

Si vous le toruvez, achetez le .


And now ( Sep 2012 )


How to make Model Soldiers by Phili O. Stearns

Copyright   The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited 1974

8 Colors photographs

119  black and white

see internet for " collectible"

Francois Verlinden 1  ( Tamiya )

136 colour photographs

Josiane Desfontaines

some links


see also mag Figurines N°6

John Cuiffo

was making fabulous figures in plasticine in the years 70ies

see Scale Models Vol3 N°'4 april 1972

Lots of those figures were sold in Belgium at La Heaumerie du Casque d'Or

Some of his models were sold at Christie in 1996 and reached 1000£


If you have pictures to illustrate this artist please contact me

Peter Wilcox

Specialized in the 70ies, in Antik worlds, lot of pieces were pure scratchbuilding here Mil Mod Feb 1986,

see also Mil Mod Jan 1978

B Hearnes

Campaign N° 4 extract about B. Hearnes
uploaded 10 Jan 2015
B Hearnes in Campaign N° 4.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 224.5 KB

Hinton Hunt

John Tassel


Mr Tassel has been producing scale models since the early 1960's

Mme Metayer

Andreas Nossmann

Alass, poor pictures's quality

see also Verlinden Showcase N°6


Les Higgins

Edward Surren

Max Longhurst

See also DVD Max Longhurst


Lot of video at this adress

Danilo Cartacci Painting


Lot of very good idea and tutorials

Basic to expert

Theory - Basics - Basing - Painting - Step by Step - Photograhy - Sculpting - etc ....