B&G Models

England, mid 90ies, 1/24, mixed metal and resin

B&M Miniatures

Painted or unpainted, end in 2020

Baby's Store Modellismo

Italy 1996

Barreira Militaria

early 90ies, Spain, Madrid, 54mm metal pubished under the name Escuadron


Richard Almond

Malheureusement il aura une carrière très courte car il nous quitte en 1989 a l’âge de 33 ans
Il sculpte d’abord pour  Seagull ( un magasin à Londres ) sous la marque Realmodel en 1977, pour qui il fait un Jules César en 120mm et un Hoplite en 140mm .Puis il réalisera une série de pièce en 90mm pour la firme Barton Miniatures 40 modèles en 90mm et 12 modèles en 54mmIl réalise pour Almond Sculpture 40 modèles en 90mm dont quelques fantasy
Il réalise aussi  pour Ceremonial  Studio 4 modèles en 90mm et 38 en 80mm
Ainsi que une pièce pour le magasin Under Two Flags en 90mmLes modèles édités  chez Barton seront repris par la société Kitney & Company dans les années 90 Et ressortent maintenant  sous l’ancien nom de Barton Miniature .


Sadly he had a short career, he died in 1989 at the age of 33 years .

He sculped first for Seagull ( a shop in London ) under the brand name Realmodel in 1977, a J. César in 120mm and an Hoplite in 140mm .

Then he will make a serie in 90mm for Barton Miniatures ( 40 models ) and also 12 in 54mm . He also made under the name Almond Sculpture, 40 models in 90mm, some in fantasy range . He made also 4 models in 90mm and 38 in 80mm for Ceremonial Studio . Also a piece on commission in 90mm for the shop Under Two Flags .

In the years 90ies, the Barton range will come again to life under the name Kitney and Company .  Today this range exist again under the name Barton Miniatures .

Voir la page Nostalgia pour downloader listes et catalogues

See page Nostalgia to download lists and catalogues


Ukrainian company seen the first time on Planet Figures forum in 2009, seems that Corsar Rex bought the moulds

Battle Line Miniatures

Beaver Miniatures

England 1981, 54mm, sculpted by James Daniel

Begs Productions ( Agor Dat Miniatures - Sergeant Pepper's )

Belgo Models

Belgium, mid 80ies, begin with 1/35  metal, and resin accessories

Catalogue downloadable here

Later will produce resin 120mm under the name Dreamcatcher, they will buy the moulds from  Fort Royal, to be resaled at the the end to TLB Miniatures .

Benassi's Choice

Julian Bennasi, early 80, 54mm 80mm, worked before that for Hinchliffe and Caledonian

Benfied Haynes Design

Australia, 1985, Limited Edition Cold Cured Bronze, 18 inches sculpted by  Benfield Haynes

Benito Miniatures

Formerly el Soldato di Plomo, Spain early 90ies

Précédement El Soldado di Plomo, Espagne, début des années 90

Berruto Modelismo

Italy see catalogue : HERE

Biswell Miniatures

Alan Biswell, mainly figurines of Lord of the Ring in 54mm; distributed by Greenwood & Ball

Bivouac Military Miniatures

USA mid 70ies, David Brown, 90mm, sculptor J. Payette

Black Box ( see Ares )

Black Rose Sculpture

Mid 90ies, very large piece, the bust is 6 inches 

Black Watch (USA see Signature Serie and Ordnance Miniatures)

Blair Smith Models

54mm, mid 70ies

Blenheim Military Models

1973, better known for his Toy Soldiers serie,  made a try in 1980 with kits

1973, mieux connu pour ses Toys Soldiers, fait un essai en 1980 pour des figurines en kit

Blockhaus Miniaturas ( Italy 90ies )

Blues Miniatures ( stop in 2014 )

BMSS British Models Soldiers Society

Figurines for members : first figures was 54mm in 1992 : Gate Centry Household Cavalry 1991

Bofors Models ( 1978 )

Border Miniatures

Mid 80ies untill end 90ies, Peter Amstrong, later available at CGS


USA , 54 and 25mm , the Napoleon was sculpted by Ray Lamb ( US one )

Britannia Miniatures ( adverts in MMling )

140mm resin, 25mm metal, 65mm metal ( Dien Bien Phu )

Not to be confused with Britannia Brand (Johilco ) or Britannia Ltd ( USA) both making Toy Soldiers

Brundick Miniatures ( 1973 )

Buckingham Pewter

Edition of 80mm C. Stadden in tin, 80mm, in 1975


USA, from 1968, 30 & 54mm