Gallia Reproduction

Garrick Miniatures

1979, 125mm, David Buffrey, distributed by G&B


Yes a 54mm, as seen in Military Modelling Vol 1-02


Still an active company, but only wargames' now . They published in the past a large range of 70mm painted and unpainted

see some of them painted HERE

actual adress of Germania

Gildea ( Brian A.J. )

Globe Figures

54mm, mid 80ies




Italy, mid 90ies, ACW       Nothing to do with Glory Guys

Göran Figurens  ( Swedish, mid 90ies )

Greenwood & Ball

Greenwood & Ball


What can we say ?!

See Lasset, Cliff Sanderson, Cameo, Garrison, Norman Errington Miniatures, Al Charles Miniatures, Garrick Miniatures (David Buffrey) 125mm 1979, Falcon (John Braithwaite), Alan Biswell ...


Catalogue 1973

Catalogue end 70ies

Grenadier Models Inc

Grenadier Models U.S.A. 1975-1996 produced wargame’s figurines (and particularly for D&D between 1981-1982 ) but in this range we have also giants 190mm, 1,750Kg


Grifo Miniatures ( Italy, 80ies )