Gallia Reproduction

Garrick Miniatures

1979, 125mm, David Buffrey, distributed by G&B


Yes a 54mm, as seen in Military Modelling Vol 1-02


Wargames : see Here

Garrison Miniatures was a veteran producer of wargaming miniatures in the UK. They became the custodians of several older ranges and were a mainstay of the historical wargaming scene in both 20mm and 25mm scale, as well as producing science-fiction and fantasy figures. Robert Young decided to retire from manufacturing in 2014


Still an active company, but only wargames' now . They published in the past a large range of 70mm painted and unpainted

see some of them painted HERE

actual adress of Germania

Gildea ( Brian A.J. )

Globe Figures

West Germany, Karl Krebs,mid 80ies

A range of 54mm Medieval based on painting and manuscript

Then 75mm nudes and Goddess





Italy, mid 90ies, ACW       Nothing to do with Glory Guys

Göran Figurens  ( Swedish, mid 90ies )

Greenwood & Ball

Greenwood & Ball


What can we say ?!

See Lasset, Cliff Sanderson, Cameo, Garrison, Norman Errington Miniatures, Al Charles Miniatures, Garrick Miniatures (David Buffrey) 125mm 1979, Falcon (John Braithwaite), Alan Biswell ...


Catalogue 1973

Catalogue end 70ies


About Wargame range READ

Grenadier Models Inc

Grenadier Models U.S.A. 1975-1996 produced wargame’s figurines (and particularly for D&D between 1981-1982 ) but in this range we have also giants 190mm, 1,750Kg


Lot of infos HERE

Grifo Miniatures ( Italy, 80ies )

Grotjahn Ulrich  ( mid 90ies )

Guard House ( The )     70ies, knights, 54mm

Guardian Miniatures           ( mid 90ies )

Hamilton Art Studio  ( a Raising the flag Iwoshima in 120mm )

Hannaford Miniatures  ( Alan Biswell )  early 80ies

Harlech Metal Miniatures  ( early 70ies, 60mm )

Harper Casting   (USA end 80ies Bill Chilstrom )

Harper Miniatures   ( Ireland end 80ies )

Hart's Models

Harton Miniatures   ( end 90ies )

Hazelwood Miniatures   ( mid 70ies, 54mm )


Heaumerie du Casque d'Or

A shop in Brussels in the Galerie Agora on the Grand Place 70ies 90ies . Own production in resin in the 90ies .

Heinichen & Bayer   ( Germany, end 80ies, 54mm, metal )

Helenic Miniatures

1956 Mr Imrie first company with his wife Helen, in 1964 when Mr Risley joined them, the company was renamed I/R for Imrie/Risley

Helmet Soldiers 1971 : 20xx plastic, england, Denis Kight

Heritage Models Inc 25mm NOT Heritage Minatures Toy Soldiers

Heroic Miniatures   ( Hungary end in 2016 )

HF Sigilla ( included JMD,dead in 2020, see now Blitz )

Hi-Tech WWI  ( planes and pilots 1/48 )

Higgins Les

Highlander Miniatures ( England, early 90ies )

Hinton Hunt 1956

Histoic  80 ies, metal

Historic Art Miniature ( Spain 2010 - 2016 )

Historic Carriages ( Alex Marsh 1992 )

Historica Production ( Italy, resin, jeep, truck ...)

History in Miniatures 80ies

Hobby and Work


Holistic Design ( painted 25mm for D&D )

Hornet ( en 80ies )

Hotspur Miniatures ( 28mm end 80ies )

Hughes ( 90 ies, bust )


Hussar Military Miniatures ( mid 80ies )

Hussard du Marais (Le)  France, mid 80ies