Cadre Miniatures

1992 sculptor Peter Morton, 120mm, resin with metal parts and etched brass

1992 sculpteur  Peter Morton, résine avec pieces en métal et photo découpes en cuivre

Calder Craft ®

1979 a “son” of Hinchliffe,  appeared when Hinchliffe ended is association with  Heritage Models

1979, société fille de Hinchliife quand ils mettent fin a leur association avec Heritage Models

Catalogue ICI / HERE

Caledonian Casting

1977, produces 75mm by Benassi then 90mm various sculptors, metal

Callum Miniatures

1985, 90mm, England by Malcolm Thomson


Designed in the USA from 1968 from 1970 distributed by Greenwoond & Ball in England

Ray Lamb USA made a serie in 80mm for them “ Empires “


Capaig; a sub serie of Soldiers by Luccchetti . Nothing to do with Campaign Figurines (25mm) or Capaign Miniatures ( Toy Soldiers ) or Campaign Magazine

Campaign Magazine

Edit a 75mm Von Zieten sculpte by Richards from Phoenix Models

Cardinal Miniature ( Canada 1982 )

Carolina Miniatures

54mm, metal, USA, stop in 2017

Cassandra Soldat ( Italy )


Philip Morris, mid 80ies, plaster 1/35

Castel Original Miniatures


USA 1970, 54mm, metal, many designers : Stackhouse, Chernak, Rubin, Saunders… they bought Vallance in 1976

Cavaliera Italiana

Mid 90ies, Umberto Tossi, 54 75 110mm Metal

Celtic Collection ( The )   end 90ies

Celtic Models

1998 M. Brooks . Now available at Bonapartes (


Richard Almond (1956-1989), one of the most talented in this field, produced for Realmodel (Seagull), Under Two Flags, Ceremonial Studio, Almond Sculptures Ltd, Barton . Mainly 80 and 90mm . More catalogue

Richard Almond ( 1956 – 1989) un des plus talentueux dans son domaine, a produit pour Realmodel(Seagull), Under Two Flags, Ceremonial Studio ; Almond Sculptures Ltd, Barton . Pluscatalogue

Chain-Mail  Studios

Cheshire Volunteers

Chosen Men ( mid 90ies )

Chota Sahib

See / voir page Quelques Modèles Finis


République Tchèque, fin des années 90, résine, 120mm, livre aussi sous forme de scénette

Citadel Miniatures

1978 mainly a producer of 25mm fantasy wargames miniatures they produced some “Dark Ages” pieces in 54mm ( sculpted by the brothers Perry) and later some Star Trek also in 54mm

1978, producteur de figurines Fantasy en 25mm mais aussi une série “ Dark Age” sculptée par le frères Perry en 54mm, suivie d’un série Star Trek aussi en 

Ciuffo John

1974 Individualy made in plasticine in 54mm with base and Perspex case, sold at Brooks and at Seagull

1974 Pièces uniques en plasticine de 54mm montées sur base avec un couvercle en Perspex

The second figurines from the laet is a representation of Cesare Milani in Italian Parachute Captain in 1942

La deuxième figurine est la représentation de Cesare Milani en Capitaine de Parachutistes,  Italie en 1942

See/ voir Military Moelling 1974 vol 11

CIV Miniatures

Classic Miniatures ( 1978 )

Clydecast Products

1975 Metal at the beginning 20mm, then 75mm, 90mm, stop in 2016

Catalogue ICI/HERE

CMK Czech Master's Kits

Combat Sculpture

1985,  250mm, cold cast bronze, Patrick Ryan

Comrades in Arms

Randall Patton, mid 90ies

Connaughton's Models

End 90ies by Jeremy Connaughton, the bust here is coded SAM/C2 never  seen a C1 or other

Connoisseur Models  /  Epic Design

One piece casting in polyester, 150mm by Burn, mid 90ies


Nothing to do with Connoiseur Figures ( SK Models ) Or Connoisseur Range ( Spencer-Smith Miniatures )

Coree scale Models ( 2006 - ? )

Corsar Rex

Domain is to sell in 2020

Craftwork Inc.

In the 2000, planes and pilots in resin 1/32, closed in 2014

Cri.el Model s.r.l.

Italy, 1/35 models and 120mm figurines, mid 90ies, ended in 2016

Croix de Guerre Miniatures Figurines ( mid 90ies)

Cromwell Models ( early 90ies )

Crossroads Scale Models  ( stop in 2016 )

Crucible Miniatures ( end of the 90ies)

Current Issue Miniatures / T.V. Models ( early 90ies )

Custom Dioramics ( mid 90ies )