D&A Hobbies

earl 90ies, England, it's a store with its own production

D.F. Grieve Models

early 80ies, sice 2012 available at CGS Military Figures

D.M.H. Models

1990 Derek Hanse, ; metal limited production, 70mm


1995, the bust size is 220mm, 4 busts at the time

Dartmoor Military Models

Early 90, vehicules and figurines 1/35 by Peter Morton . 

Début des années 90, véhicules et figurines au 1/35

David J. Parkins / Firing Line

Early 90ies, see also Firing Line

D.C.S.  ( Verlinden )

End 70ies first production by F. Verlinden in plaster, diorama accessories, Belgium

Fin des années 70, premières production en Belgique par F. Verlinden de dioramas en plâtre

De Montford Miniatures

Begin in 1995, white metal

De Tara Collection

Spain mid 90ies, stop in 2016


1974, a shop in the USA begin with a serie named Vedette, cha,ge the name in 1975 to Deauville, T. Crowfoot as desigenr . New Hope Design in England was importer and sometime exchanging models  .

En 1974, un magasin, aux USA commence une série sous le nom de Vedette,  nom changé en 1975 en Deauvile . New Hope Design devient importateteur et parfois il y a échange de modèles entre les 2 sociétés .

Debra Raymond Military Figures

stop in 2012, See CGS Military Figures



from mid 90ies to 2012

Déjà Vu

DEK Military Models

1977s, Derek Cross and Allan Caton 80mm in kit under the name All the Queen’s Men

Diorama Design

Early 80ies

DIOTECH  ( Germany mid 90ies )

Dobson Paul

1994  commercialisation of 100mm, sculpted by Allan Ball, casting by Rosedale

Dog Tag

Miniature Alliance, Singapore, early 20000

Donzino & Donzino

Argentina, kit form, early 90ies, 65mm, distributed by Beau Geste

Doug Miller Figures

Mid 80ies, a chess set painted or in kit

Douglas Miniatures

Early 70ies, 20mm 30mm and 54mm

DP Zinnminiaturen

Dragoon  Models

Late 70ies, designed by Dave Jarvis in 100mm, metal

Draper Models

After Elite 75

Reintroduction in 1992 of the 75m Hinchliffe range scupted by Ray Lamb, now bayonets are amovible and can be fixed to the gun . Also supplied Bristish and French Diorama accessories, grass, scenic material and equipment

Réintroduction en 1992 des figurines 75mm de Hinchliffe sculptées par Ray Lamb, avec bayonettes amovibles qui peuvent être fixées sue les mousquets . Fournitures d’accessoires pour diorama ; herbes, matériel pour simulation des sols, éqipements divers .


See Hinchliffe for the range

Dream Catcher

Belgo Models begin a serie in resin 120mm and they bought Fort Royal

Druid Miniaturas


Figurines 54mm and diorama scenics by L. & L. Funcken


France 1992, previously Ciné Créatif

DW International Company

Dynasty Scale Models

Korea 90ies - 2015